Mission Beach Café: Weekday Brunch

It was Friday. My colleagues who live around the Mission area of the city asked if we wanted to go get some brunch before going to work. Our whole team (minus one) decided to go, and we ended up going to Mission Beach Café. Mission Beach Café is famous for its weekday brunch, and of course, it's caramelized pepper bacon.

We got to start with a cup of coffee. I thought the coffee itself was very nice. It has a good, smooth finish. I also love the cup that the coffee was served in; it was a very nice cup.

I ordered the classic eggs benedict with roasted tomatoes and black forest ham. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly. The hollandaise was thick and tangy. However, I think that the ham was sliced too thin. It should be a thicker cut of ham, but that’s nitpicking here on my side. The eggs benedict comes with potatoes (looks like it was deep fried). The potato was cooked well; however, I preferred garlic potatoes at Eats for my breakfast/lunch potatoes.

Eggs benedict with black forest ham and roasted tomatoes + caramelized pepper bacon on the side.

Eggs benedict with black forest ham and roasted tomatoes + caramelized pepper bacon on the side.

My 2 colleagues and I also each ordered a side of bacon. We didn’t know what kind of bacon they had before we ordered since this was our first time (the other colleagues of mine that suggested that we come was a vegetarian, so he didn’t really know much about bacon – such a shame). It appears to be caramelized bacon. The bacon was cut a little bit thicker and it definitely was cooked longer. However, the bacon was not crispy (which made me kind of disappointed). The bacon was on the sweet side with the taste of pepper, but you don’t really taste that classic bacon taste here.

We also ordered truffle fries with parmesan cheese. The dish was delicious. The fries were cooked perfectly, and the parmesan cheese was just so good with the truffle oil that they use on the fries (I know truffle oil was made by those perfumer and not made from real truffles per se, but it’s still quite good apart from the real black truffles which are a lot more expensive.)

Overall, I would recommend Mission Beach Café for a nice weekday brunch. We got there quite early (about 10:30 in the morning), and we had to wait in line for about 15 mins. I could imagine that on the weekends, you might have to wait a lot longer (or even on the weekdays if you come a little bit later).